NIRONE Sensor Documentation

NIRONE Sensors are designed for system integrators for creating leading-edge smart products. Compact NIRONE Sensors include two integrated light sources, NIR sensor, read-out and driving electronics and built-in intelligence, which guarantees extremely stable output even for the most demanding industrial or consumer applications. The spectral sensor can easily be adapted to your measurement needs with suitable front optics. A single electrical connector (I2C communication) makes the sensor easy to integrate into your own electronics, whenever needed.

NIRONE Sensor is a product family that consist of the members below.


NIRONE Sensors to be used as part of your product.

Product codes:

  • S1.4
  • S1.7
  • S2.0
  • S2.2
  • S2.5

NIRONE Sensor Evaluation Kit

NIRONE Evaluation Kit provides a good starting point for technology evaluation and application studies. The evaluation kit includes a USB interface board and the sensor can be controlled via PC by using our user-friendly SensorControl software. The evaluation kit is by far the easiest and fastest way to start your NIR application studies right away.

NIRONE Sensor on a USB communication board is depicted in the figure below:

Figure 1. NIRONE Sensor Evaluation Kit
NIRONE Sensor Evaluation Kit

Product codes:

  • S1.4-EVK
  • S1.7-EVK
  • S2.0-EVK
  • S2.2-EVK
  • S2.5-EVK

Download SensorControl:

NIRONE Sensor Accessories

NIRONE Sensor Accessories are:

  • USB interface board

    Figure 2. USB Interface Board
    USB Interface Board

    Product code:

  • Micro reflection optics

    Figure 3. Micro Reflection Optics
    Micro Reflection Optics

    Product code:

  • SMA connector (optimized for fibers with NA 0.22 and core diameter of 400 μm)

    Figure 4. SMA Connector
    SMA Connector

    Product code:

  • White reference target

    Figure 5. White Reference Target
    White Reference Target

    Product code:

    • WREF

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK is an optional accessory. By default, Labview 2017 SP1 version is supported.

3D Models

Download 3D models: