NIRONE Device Documentation

NIRONE Device is a portable material sensing instrument for OEM developers who want to implement their own portable material sensing solution. The battery-powered NIRONE Device has Smart Bluetooth (BLE) connectivity enabling communication with mobile phone or tablet.

Figure 1. NIRONE Device

NIRONE Device includes both a mobile app and our SensorControl software for PCs. It is easy to gather data with the SensorControl PC software and to build your own mobile app.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes instructions on how to get started and all technical descriptions for NIRONE connectivity interfaces. It also contains the NIRONE Device App source code. Please contact our sales to get your own SDK.

The SDK gives an opportunity to control the Device and develop your own user interface for mobile phones or tablets.

The package includes:

  • NIRONE device

  • USB-C cable

  • White reference target

    Figure 2. White Reference Target
    White Reference Target