Measuring the Reference Signal

This section describes how to measure the reference signal on the SensorControl software.

The reference signal refers to the spectrum of the lamp used for illumination. When the reference signal is known, the SensorControl software is able to calculate absorbance units from the raw signal.

Always measure the reference signal at the start of a new set of measurements.


We recommend using 100% lamp intensity setting, if possible.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Switch on your light source.
  2. Set Lamp intensity to 100%.
  3. Place the white reference target on top of micro reflectance optics, reflective material facing down.
  4. On SensorControl, select REFERENCE.
    Figure 1: REFERENCE Button Active
    REFERENCE Button Active
  5. Allow the measurement to run.

    While the measurement runs, the REFERENCE button is white.

    Figure 2: Reference Signal Being Measured
    Reference Signal Being Measured
  6. Wait until the measurement is over and the REFERENCE button turns green.
    Figure 3: Reference Signal Measured
    Reference Signal Measured

    The raw signal should be less than 65000 DN units on all measured wavelengths.

    Clicking on this button after the reference signal has been measured, forces the software to unload the reference signal value, so that you can measure a new reference signal.