Measuring a Spectrum

This section describes how to measure a spectrum on the SensorControl software.

When the SensorControl software is started, it will automatically start to measure spectra. This is indicated by a MEASURE button with a grey background color.

With the MEASURE button, you can start and stop the measurement mode.


When you make measurements, ensure that the sample completely covers the NIRONE Sensor light source. Risk of dazzling.

The sensor may warm up during long uninterrupted use. Do not touch the sensor during long periods of use. Never use the sensor without its front optics.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Place the sensor optics against the measured object.
  2. On SensorControl, select MEASURE.
    Figure 1: MEASURE Button Inactive
    MEASURE Button Inactive

    The measurement mode status light is lit.

  3. Allow the measurement to run.

    While the measurement runs, the MEASURE button is white.

    Figure 2: Spectrum Being Measured
    Spectrum Being Measured

    The software sends the measurement data, and gets ready for the next measurement. At this phase, the measurement mode status light is unlit.

  4. When the measurement is over, the measurement mode status light is switched off.