I2C Communication Interface

Sensor functions as a slave device on I2C-compatible bus with 3.3V signal levels. I2C communication interface needs two connections for the data transfer. I2C_SDA and I2C_SCL lines are used to exchange data between customer base board and sensor module. Pull-up resistors are needed on I2C_SDA and I2C_SCL lines on the customer base board PCB. I2C_SDA and I2C_SCL lines tolerate maximum voltage of 3.6V. Signal levels below 0.8V are detected as low-level and signals above 2.4V are detected as high-level signals. The I2C communication interface uses the configuration given in Table 2.

Table 1. I2C communication interface configuration
I2C lines SDA, SCL (3.3V)
Frequency 400kHz
I2C primary address 0x64 (7-bit) + read/write bit, 0xC8 (8-bit write), 0xC9 (8-bit read)
I2C secondary address

User selectable

(excluding 0x00,0x01,0xC8 and 0xC9 8 bit addresses)