Electrical Interface

Communication with the sensor can be implemented either through UART- or I2C communication bus. Both interfaces are 3.3V compatible. The sensor module uses Hirose DF12-20DS-0.5V(86) connector receptacle that can be used to interface the board with the customer base board. The mating connector plug for the base board is DF12(5.0)-20DP-0.5V(86) from Hirose.

Figure 1 Sensor connector pin order

Figure 2 Sensor connector and mounting screw positions (dimensions in mm)

Figure 2 shows the placement of the connector and the M2 mounting screws in the bottom of the device. Two of the four screws on the bottom side are reserved for mounting the device on the customer base board PCB. Two of the screws holds the sensor module mechanics together and should not be opened.