Getting Started with a Computer

This section describes how to get started with NIRONE Device with a computer.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Check the NIRONE Device package contents.
    Figure 1: NIRONE Device Package Contents
    NIRONE Device Package Contents

    The NIRONE Device package contains:

    • The SensorControl software

    • NIRONE Device

    • White Reference Target

    • USB-C cable

  2. Install the SensorControl software.
  3. Optional: If your operating system is any other than Windows 10, install the drivers.
  4. Connect NIRONE Device to your computer by using the USB cable.
    Figure 2: Connecting the Device to a PC
    Connecting the Device to a PC
  5. If the device does not automatically switch on, manually switch on the device by pressing the smaller button on the device.

    The device is on when the red light is slowly blinking. The green light is just an indicator of a charging or a fully charged device.

  6. Open the SensorControl software.
  7. Set the measurement settings.

    Set at least:

    • Wavelength Points. See SETTINGS.

    • Averaging mode (Averaging/Buffering). See MEASUREMENT.

    • The Averaging parameter. The recommendation is to use values between 100 and 500, at least. See MEASUREMENT.

  8. Measure a dark signal.
  9. Measure a white reference signal.
  10. Start measuring samples.

    See Measuring a Spectrum.


    The device may warm up during long uninterrupted use. Do not touch the sensor during long periods of use. Never use the sensor without its front optics.


    When you make measurements, ensure that the sample completely covers the NIRONE Device light source. Risk of dazzling.

    We also recommend reading the SensorControl user manual, see NIRONE SensorControl Software Manual.

  11. Check that the sample is not moving during the measurements.
  12. Start saving your measurements.