Getting Started with the Mobile Application

This section describes how to get started with NIRONE Device with a computer.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Check the NIRONE Device package contents.

    The NIRONE Device package contains:

    • NIRONE Device

    • Reference cover

    • A USB cable

    • The SensorControl software (as a download)

    • The mobile application (as a download)

  2. Get the mobile application.
  3. Charge the device battery by connecting the USB cable to the device on one end, and to an approved charger on the other.
    Figure 1: Charging the Device Battery
    Charging the Device Battery
  4. Switch on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button for three seconds.
    Figure 2: Switching on the Device
    Switching on the Device
  5. Pair the device with your mobile phone.
    Figure 3: Pairing the Device
    Pairing the Device
    1. Press the Pairing button on the device.
    2. Press the SEARCH button on the mobile application.
    3. Wait until the mobile application finds the device.

      This takes approximately five seconds. The spinner is rotated in the mobile application, during the search operation.

    4. Optional: If your device is not found, you make another searching attempt by selecting the re-search icon at the top left-hand corner of the screen.
    5. When your device is found, select it by selecting its radio button.
  6. Establish a connection between the device and the mobile application.
    Figure 4: Connecting to the Device
    Connecting to the Device
    1. Press the CONNECT button on the mobile application.
    2. Wait until the mobile application establishes a connection to the device.
  7. Select the Device type by using the radio buttons.

    The Device type refers to the sensor type in your device.

    Figure 5: Selecting Device Type
    Selecting Device Type
  8. Start measuring samples.
    Figure 6: Measuring Samples
    Measuring Samples
    1. Place the sample on the device.
    2. Set the measurement parameters.

      The measurement parameters are:

      • Lamp intensityLamp intensity defines how brightly the light source radiates. By default, the light source is off.

      • AveragingAveraging indicates how many times a single wavelength is sampled, before moving on to the next wavelength point.

      • StepsSteps defines the size of step to moving to the next wavelength point. Possible values in this application are 1, 2, 5 and 10.

    3. Start the scan by pressing the Scan button on the device, or by selecting SCAN on the mobile application.
    4. Wait until the scan is over.

      The spinner is rotated in the mobile application, during the scan operation.

      When the scan operation is over, the mobile application requests the result from the device, and displays the chart of the measured spectrum in the mobile application.

    5. Examine the results in the mobile application.

      The minimum and maximum values on the chart are based on the measured minimum and maximum values.