REACH statement

We hereby confirm that we always observe the prescriptions of REACH (1907/2006/EC) Regulations and our products are fully compliant with the relevant regulation.

REACH compliance means that all the substances contained in our products:

  • Has/have been pre-registered and/or has/have been registered by our company and/or our suppliers, and/or

  • Is/are excluded from regulation, and/or

  • Exempted from regulation

Observance of the prescriptions are also demanded by us from our suppliers, and it is continuously checked.

The pertinence of the above-mentioned information is continuously checked by us, if any change happens or new information comes up, our customers will be informed immediately.

Place and date:

Helsinki, Finland 21st of July 2020

Stefan Schwarzfischer

CEO of Spectral Engines Oy

You can view and download the REACH statement here.